About us

Cardboard reels are the future. They are durable, eco-friendly and can be used for various products. Cardboard as a raw material has a huge potential.

At Spool Square, we have spotted this opportunity!

We are distinguished by our openness to change, will to search for new solutions, and ecology-driven orientation. We believe that innovative and eco-friendly actions are a chance for a better future – not only for the environment, but also for the growth of businesses!

We share these principles with our business partners. Our spools are designed and created to be easy to transport, customisable and eco-friendly. Whether these are small haberdashery spools or larger spools for cables or fibre optics, each product is tailored to your needs and expectations.

Spool Square stands for a great team.

We are technologists who know how to make a durable and functional product.

We are sellers who offer advice and suggest how to use spools in your industry, in your business.

We are enthusiasts who believe that in a world of ubiquitous plastic, we should search for alternative materials, such as cardboard.